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millionaires stay rich because they invest in the market. we stay rich because we invest in you and each other. we pay in dividends. watch our return.

In 2002 Liv met Grant. She knew he was "the one" before they met. She had no doubt it was him from how her confidant and mutual friend spoke of him. "He is the best." So Jim & Liv waited by a big clock. Strangers scared them and the one they were there to see didn't show up. There always has to be faith. I never asked why he didn't come. I don't remember if there was a sorry. I only remember this now because it doesn't matter. When you find some "one" special they are with you forever. On August 20, 2005 heaven glowed a little bit brighter. He had done his time shining here. He was our light and I never doubted he was mine. When he died I saw his light leave my heart. I could see it disappear but the love grew. Family is family whether chosen or through marriage. Grant and I were "engaged" but never married. He and those he loved and loves from above will always be mine too. We are all in this thing called LIFE together. We need to watch over each other in sickness and in health whether friend family, work family or good old traditional blood relation family. We have to stick together. Grant believed in me and because I believe in him we are forever changing the world together. Not because of money. Not because of fame. Only because of LOVE. Grant & Liv's Love is for all of you. I speak for the both of us now. He inspired me and I hope we can inspire you. You and your family deserve it all. Love, support, stability and the faith that they will always show up. All of us at LFE know LIFE happens. It happens at 2 o'clock in the morning when you get "the call." It happens on weekends. It happens at work. We wanted to create a high level network and platform that supports LIFE with work and work with LIFE. Sometimes we  can't show up at work or at home because something important is happening. We want all of our clients to call 24/7 when their work family needs us. Our talented team of specialists always will pick up the phone and help get the job done. They do this no out of obligation but thanks for they know when we call if they say no it's because they are saying yes to something important, their LIFE. We at LFE know if you don't show up it's not because you are not committed to our family but that you are committed to yours. We value that highly so we created a platform where you can say no and someone else can say yes. The world gets better. LIFE gets better and we all enjoy it just a little bit more. We share all our gifts here with each every client, partner, family member and friend. We love family. We want to make sure all of our families have the opportunity to educate, enrich, protect and support those they love with whatever they need to safely and sustainably succeed.  other here and our talented clients. Oh yeah and we get to give back and become Millionaires along the way one ECCE couple or family member at a time. Liv knows Grant is watching over her and proud of what they have accomplished. She always wanted to take her LIFE Global she just needed a little support from above. 

As Grant and Maui from Moana would say "You're Welcome." It is for us all. 

Thank you GF! For inspiring me. We are all thankful for this incredible Liv LIFE that you and I started to build. 

Grant Douglas Fryling Est. 1982

Olivia Schroeder-Vega Est. 1982

Grant's Millionaire Model 2004

Liv for Events, LLC Est. 2012

LFE's Upside Down Millionaire Model 2020

Liv LIFE in Partnership with LFE Global Created 2020

It's time for us to Liv it Up!

Liv Large cropped.PNG
Thank you to the event that started it all! Our first event as Liv for Events, LLC 
July 4th photo.jpg
Liv for Events Produced July 4th Portland's Stars & Stripes Spectacular 2012-2017
Attended by 50,000 annually
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