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A world of infinite possibilities

Starting with you. You are special. We all have gifts. Mine has always been to think BIG. As a little girl born in Brooklyn, NY to a Mexican father and a Sacred Music minded mother my world was open. I just didn't have a path. So I created a network rooted in faith, trust, love, hope, honor and time. We are one world and one people. If we work together we will start to find solutions that plague not just our communities but our globe. Ideas are always welcome. Solutions Seeked and a movement started. It may look like it is about us (I guess my name is everywhere) but it always was bout you. I created a company so I could b Financially Independent & Global to serve my family and friends. They always inspired me and now we hope to inspire you. Join us. Our doors are always open. Changing the world one person at a time works. We just need you and me.


Thanks for joining my Global Community. Really it is all for you. Enjoy!

Founding Owners

Liv Vega & IJC 


Be well.

Liv Large cropped.PNG
Thank you to the event that started it all! Our first event as Liv for Events, LLC 
July 4th photo.jpg
Liv for Events Produced July 4th Portland's Stars & Stripes Spectacular 2012-2017
Attended by 50,000 annually
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